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28 rue Viala
75015 Paris
37 years old, Married, two children

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Work Experience:

Since December 2003

Mozilla Europe: Founder and president

Mission: support the Mozilla Project by developing, deploying and promoting the free Mozilla software, its by-products and related project within Europe.

June 2001 to November 2003

Netscape Client Product Development: Technology and Standards Evangelist, Europe.

Mission: Contributor on technology evangelism, Europe.

Web Standards activist. Stimulating the Web Standards promotion in France, using Guerilla marketing techniques, including the following efforts:

July 1998 to May 2001
Netscape Communications (then Sun-Netscape Alliance/iPlanet), Southern Europe: Product Marketing Manager. In charge of various countries including France, Italy, Spain, Israel and Switzerland.


May 1997 to June 1998

Netscape Communications France - Product PR Manager, then Marketing & Communications Manager for France.

Technical Public Relations for Netscape France. Meeting with journalists, organizing press conferences and monitoring interviews both for products (Client and Server) and Executive staff (Jim Barksdale, Marc Andreessen). Organized and delivered demonstrations and workshops for journalists. Writing press releases and content for seminars.

Marketing Manager France. Relations with large partners such as Sun and Oracle. Organizin and delivering conferences and demonstrations to customers, prospects and partners.

January 1995 to April 1997

PartnerSoft S.A., Paris. In charge of the SIMWARE software products.

Started the REXXWARE activity in France in 95.

Product Manager : prepared corporate presentations and demos based upon english material. Animated and prepared seminars and trade shows.

Sales representative : dedicated to large accounts. Inked the biggest sales contract in PartnerSoft history.

May 1993 to November 1994
Client/Server Consultant with PartnerSoft for Centura software Client/Server product line (4GL Development environment and relational database). Product expert, support for evaluation, corporate presentations and demonstrations. Also in charge of customer training in this environment.
April 1992 to April 1993
Technical Manager with a start-up company specialized in computer security.


ESCP - Sup de Co Paris. One year postgraduate degree in Management. (Mastère Spécialisé Management Social des Organisations)
Ecole Supérieure d’Informatique, Paris. Degree in Computer science (Top 10%). Equivalent to M.S., M.Sc. (Ingénieur en Informatique)


Mother tongue. Good writing skills. Author of various texts on
Speak, read and write english fluently. Netscape and Mozilla communication is mainly done in English.

Technical skills:

Internet software
trained on Netscape Servers and client.
Internet standards
Valid HTML 4, XHTML 1, CSS 1 and 2.
Basic knowledge of JS and DOM, overview of other W3C specifications.
Accessibility in building web sites (WCAG 1.0)
Windows programming, Object development, SQL, RDBMS
Internet, TCP/IP

Extracurricular activities:

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