Daddy  !

There is so much to say about Daddy...

First, when you see his face, you understand that he's got a problem, probably. Anayway, he's getting much better since his new haircut ! Here is the proof :


Before, While getting cut, and After...

Work ?

I can hear him speaking about PartnerSoft, Rexxware et Simware. Nothing interesting, for sure !


Dad is very interested in Motorbikes. He own a BMW and used to be one of the presidents of the IBMWR club (nothing to do with IBM). It's just the Internet BMW Riders !I already went for a ride on his blue BMW R100RT, but Mum was around me ! He looks like a police officer when he is riding is motorbike...

Dad also has a scooter he uses to go to work. I also went for a ride on it.

Sleeping !

Dad loves sleeping ! I should enjoy it while I'm not born yet. I suggest that you check the countdown to know how long Dand can still enjoy peaceful dreams !

Internet :-)

Dad loves Internet. He spends hours on line. I wonder what he like in this complicated and buggy network... Want to know ? Check his hot links !

Video games

When Dad is not online, he's playing Duke Nukem 3D, from 3D Realms. You want a copy of the shareware version ? Download it !

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